$397.00 USD

Three 1-on-1 sessions with either Shannon or Erin to collaborate and customize your mental training to your specific challenges and goals.

Group Coaching | College Athletes

Our level 1 course consists of 7 weekly, one hour classes (zoom or in person) with 6-10 other athletes. It will give an age-appropriate, foundational understanding and awareness of thoughts & performance, brain function, limiting beliefs, self worth, energy & flow states. 

As well as tools to regulate emotions, manage the stress response, overcome setbacks with bounce back routines, self talk strategies, and use intention & visualization to achieve goals.

Optional 1-on-1 coaching packages can be added.

Dates & Times TBD.

Please complete introductory email to set up a call.


What People Are Saying:

Mental training has been instrumental in helping to become a better athlete. By focusing on techniques, such as visualization, goal setting, and self-talk, I have been able to improve my performance and achieve my athletic goals at the collegiate level and beyond. Additionally, mental training has helped me to stay focused and motivated, even during tough training sessions or competitions. Overall, mental training with SPC has been an essential part of my development as an athlete, and I believe it can be beneficial for anyone looking to improve their performance.

- Nate D. Gonzaga University Baseball