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We’re creating a world of well-adjusted athletes who are successful and joyful.

At Slingshot,
We Believe Athletes…

Are whole human beings and should be treated as such

βœ“ Thrive best when equipped with the right mental tools

βœ“ Deserve wholeness, health, and unlimited possibilities

βœ“ Find success and happiness when they are well-adjusted

None of this happens by accident. Athletes need to learn how to align their mind and body in order to achieve the level of performance and joy they are truly capable of.

That’s why we’re committed to giving athletes the tools, strategies, and techniques they need to face adversity, build resilience, and ultimately thrive.

Meet Slingshot's Performance Coaches

Helping athletes perform their best in sports and in life

Coach Erin

Hi, I'm Erin! I’ve been teaching and coaching young adults since 1996, and I love helping students (and their parents) realize just how powerful their mind truly is.

I became fascinated with how my mind affected my performance while I was a volleyball player at the University of Michigan. I would feel panicked and anxious in speech class, yet totally relaxed playing volleyball in front of thousands of people. My mindset – and the stories my brain told me on repeat – affected everything about how I felt and performed.

I leaned into learning more about the connection between our neural pathways and how we feel, act, and perform. And once I had the opportunity to teach my son’s baseball team some of the tools and strategies I had learned, I saw just how powerful the mind is when it comes to athletic performance. 

This work – and the impact it has on athletes – truly lights me up. .

Coach Shannon

Hey there, I’m Shannon. I’ve coached high school and college students for over a decade, and I never get tired of helping others learn, grow, and master their own abilities.

As a college swimmer, my identity was fully wrapped up in who I was as an athlete. It wasn’t until I was 22 – stepping out of the pool and into the “real” world – that I realized I had no idea who I really was. I was lucky to have a strong support network around me who equipped me to dig deep and develop the mental tenacity to move forward into a new phase of life.

As an adult, I learned more about the way our brains affect every facet of our performance. I began working with student athletes – teaching them the neuro tools I’d learned about and developed myself – and I was blown away with the transformations my clients achieved. I knew I needed to expand my work and share these tools with as many athletes as possible, and once I connected with Erin, I knew we were meant to do this work as a team.

Helping young people develop trust and strength in their own skills is the best part of this job.

Work Hard, Play Hard

When we’re not coaching athletes, coaches, and teams, you’ll find us…


Traveling with my family all over the world 

My bag packed in 5 minutes!

Time with my adult daughters!

Getting cozy on the couch with a cup of tea and a good book

Enjoying the outdoors

Hiking, kayaking, or swimming, sign me up!


Staying grounded

Being in nature and a meditation practice

Getting Outside

Snowshoeing, kayaking, paddleboarding… you name it

Family Adventures

Spending quality time laughing & adventuring with my family

Ready to help your student athlete tap into their unlimited potential?

We’re here to help them become the confident, curious empowered young adult they are fully capable of being