$1,997.00 USD

Next play? Individual coaching

Every competitive athlete can relate to the tough transition to life after sport.  Many athletes from as early as 10-11 years of age spend the majority of their days, months and years dedicating themselves to their sport.

Thousands of hours are spent physically training skills, working with experts, traveling to competitions and playing. It is understandable why our Identities can easily become cemented to our sports and activities.

Whether it’s a career ending injury or just aging out, when that day arrives and our athletic career comes to an abrupt end, it can be upsetting and scary to answer the question “Now what?”  Too many athletes lose themselves, choose unhealthy ways of dealing with the extra time, lack of belonging, attention and structure.  

With our “Next Play” course, we walk athletes through processing their athletic experience and develop hope, excitement and confidence about their next chapter. 

 - 12 weekly, one hour long, coaching sessions via zoom or in person (depending on location).